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Here, I’ll be using acrylic paint on eyes and beard before sealing the wood spirit with a clear coat. For the majority of the beard, I only want to darken the wood slightly more than the natural wood. So when I apply the acrylic paint, I’ll immediately wipe it off, leaving behind a little more paint in the hard to reach V-tool cuts. This will result in a lighter stain on the raised areas of the beard, but slightly darker crevices. On larger carvings like this one, I use large high quality chisels and a mallet. The block of cedar needs to be secured to the work surface by clamping or by other means before you get started with these tools.

We are an independently owned and operated business, offering world-class phone cases and Smartphone accessories to our customers. All our products are made of wood and go through best gifts for woodcarvers 26 feet fall tests to ensure their durability. Using wood from commonly-found species, like bamboo, cherry, rosewood, and walnut, we ensure zero environmental damage.

Wood Spirit Carving Wizard Santa Claus Christmas Ooak 2 Faces Scott Longpre

These special pages also have information about the Santa, prices and ordering information. Take your time viewing Mary’s handmade Christmas ornaments and if you have any questions please contact us today. The beaches are lined with driftwood, shells, stones and other magnificent ocean material. Each trip to the beach yields a new collection of material used to designed these wonderful crosses.

  • If you have an expensive phone, dropping it by accident can make all your efforts and investment go to waste.
  • Upon graduation, he accepted a teaching scholarship and enrolled at SIU-C.
  • Recognizing the value of the do-it-yourself movement of the last several years, is inspired by unique yet replicable ideas.
  • No matter the model, we can customize a design just for you.

He is very elusive and folks rarely if ever see him. However, many say that they can feel his presence when walking through a forest, especially at night. He is a friendly protector to those of goodwill, but can mete out his wrath on the black hearted.

Modern Wood Christmas Tree Set

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If you’re still looking for more Yuletide gifts after checking out these cool projects, head over to our list of crafty Christmas presents. Display all those beautiful Christmas cards on a wooden tree. Cut small boards into graduated lengths, paint them in seasonal colors, and nail them to a center post to create a skeleton of a tree, as seen on Little Lucy Lu. Hot-glue mini clothespins to the branches for a fun way to keep your cherished friends and family in view all season long. But Chris needed to move to another country and couldn’t work on the blog anymore.

Medium Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree

Here are some tips that will save you time and make a great looking project. This fir Christmas tree is simplistic, modern, and abstract that would look perfect burned onto a Christmas bench or Christmas coasters. It captures the wonder of a Christmas tree without all the fine details that can clutter up the image.

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